Horse owners love their horses and want to make them as comfortable as possible so they purchase the best and toughest blankets on the market for a lot of money. But every horse likes to play and run so even the toughest blankets break eventually or are covered in mud. Most people would throw these blankets away and buy new ones but lets face it a good blanket costs a lot of money.

Why not save your money and get your blankets washed or repaired at J&K Horse Blanket Cleaning And Repair and get your blanket back like new for a fraction of the cost of a new blanket! Jim and Kathy at J&K Horse Blanket Cleaning And Repair are devoted horse people who understand the importance of proper equipment and know how to service blankets to be as tough as new. They take pride in offering their services to fellow horse owners and help save them money.

Services / prices

  • Wash – $18.00
  • Repair – (Time and material)
  • Waterproof – $11.00
  • New heavy elastic long lasting leg straps – $10.00 / piece
  • Repair of Bell boots and other Velcro items – (Time and material)